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Downhole Sonic Solutions


DSS Tools Bond Tools

Our bond tools evaluate the cement bond quality and integrity to both pipe and formation by providing the measurements of the cement bond amplitude (CBL) through near receiver (3-ft crystal), and variable density log (VDL) through far receiver (5-ft Crystal).

DSS Tools Pulse Tools

Our Pulse tools complete the Bond Tool String. Highly Accurate Temperature (HTC), Gamma Ray (GTC) and Casing Collar Locator (CCL) Sensors give the Radial Bond Tool suite complete data capturing capabilities to fully evaluate a Cement Bond Log.

DSS Tools Accessories

Our accessories are rugged and built to last with innovative designs, like our 5-arm roller centralizer. This industry leading centralizer is designed to center logging tools accurately in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wells.


DSS Tools Tool Repair

Tool Repairs

DSS Tools Log Interpretation

Log Interpretation

DSS Tools Technical Support

Technical Support / Training

Engineering Support

Who are we?

Downhole Sonic Solutions (DSS Tools) is a young company, but its roots go back to 1991 with the founding of Computer Sonics Systems (CSS) by pioneers of CBL technology. We are here to recapture the vision of technically advanced equipment backed by excellent service.

Why choose us?

Punctual Delivery Time

  • We keep chief components on the rack for quick service and minimum time to delivery of new tools.
  • We keep a complement of 1-11/16 / 2-3/4 / 3-1/2 racked and ready to deploy

Smart Technology

  • Proprietary telemetry – Faster logging speeds – Higher resolution
  • Multiple sensors – 360° detailed cement map – Specific channeling location
  • No calibration required in the field or the shop
  • Able to log from 2-7/8″ to 20″ casing
  • Superior design – Rigid outer housing – Accurate & repeatable readings
  • Innovative centralizer geometry for excellent borehole centralization in horizontal wells, including SAGD
  • High Temperature – 204°C and High Pressure – 25,000 psi
  • Compatible with all commercially available surface logging systems
  • Deployable on E-line, Tractor, E-Coil, Coiled Tubing, E-Slickline & Slickline

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