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About Us

Downhole Sonic Solutions

Downhole Sonic Solutions (DSS Tools) is a pioneering Canadian company specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of Radial Cement Bond and Cased-Hole tools for the wireline logging industry.

DSS staff bring a rich design & field experience dating back to the 1980’s, which is reflected in the superior quality and high reliability of our tools.

We take pride in the fact that all of our tools are designed, manufactured and tested in Canada from North American components. Our Cement Bond and Cased-Hole tools are used in over 20 countries worldwide in many industries such as Oil and Gas, Geothermal and Mineral logging.

Our customers are our main focus and we go to great lengths to provide them with unparalleled customer service. We understand the importance of time and readiness in the logging service industry and our dynamic company structure ensures exceptional technical support, quick equipment delivery, timely service turn-around and readily available parts.

Through our field and log analysis experience we are able to provide solutions to our customers in order to tackle unconventional logging requirements. DSS tools have a proven track record in providing excellent data in foam/light cement, high-temperature Geothermal and Steam-Injection wells, wells with heavy mud or oil in the borehole, wells with very large casing sizes (in excess of 20″) and highly-deviated/horizontal wells.

In addition to stringent tool testing and acceptance criteria, DSS has an in-house test well with 5 different casing sizes and known anomalies.

Each and every tool we produce is logged in our test well, a copy of the log is provided with the tool as a performance QC. The test well is also used to conduct customer training sessions and test new tool technology.

Starting from equipment selection, training, commissioning and post- sales support, the team at DSS will work with you to achieve your goals.