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HTC-10 | 1-11/16” High Temperature

The DSS HTC-10 Is a specially designed pulse tool made to operate at temperatures up to 250 °C for extended periods of time. This tool does not use a flask. The tool has an operational life of up to 1000 hours at temperatures between 230°C and 250°C. It includes a platinum RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) which provides high resolution data with fast temperature response. It also has a magnetic casing collar locator (CCL).

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  • Borehole fluid temperature.
  • Depth correlation.
  • Combine two services in one run.


  • Rated for High-temperature and high-pressure environments.
  • Open basket design through which fluid can easily flow for accurate measurement.
  • CCL outputs a line shake signal to the surface.
  • Temperature tool outputs positive pulses calibrated to 10 counts/°C.
  • Compatible with most surface systems.
  • Uses electronic components especially designed for high temperature.
  • Electronic design verified for 1 hour operation at 255°C to ensure reliability.
  • Sour service compatible materials.
  • Not a flasked tool. Does not have a limit on time at temperature.


Tool Operating Voltage 25 to 40 VDC Tool Length (make-up) 92.7 cm (36.5 in)
Tool Operating Current 35 to 40 mA Tool Length (shipping) 94.5 cm (37.2 in)
Output Pulse Amplitude Neg. ~10 VDC Tool Weight 7 Kg (15.4 Lb)
Output Pulse Width 25 µS CCL Point from Top of Tool 22.86 cm (9.0 in)
Max. Pressure 172.4 Mpa (25000 PSI)
Max. Temperature 250°C (482°F) Borehole Fluids Oil – Fresh Water – Brine
Tool Diameter – OD 42.85 mm(1 11/16 in) Top End Connector Contact Socket Go Female



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