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TTP-20 | 2-3/4” Temperature Pulse Tool

The DSS 2 3/4” Temperature Pulse Tool (TTP) measures the borehole fluid temperature, which can be used for finding cement top. It’s also can be used for finding fluid entry, gas leaks, and injection zones. The TTP tool measures fluid temperature by measuring the resistance of a platinum RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) inside a pressure probe. The measurements from the low mass probe results in high resolution data with fast temperature response.

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  • Borehole fluid temperature.
  • Identification of cement top.
  • Gas leak detection and injection zones.
  • Location of fluid movement behind casing.


  • Rated for High-temperature and high-pressure environments.
  • Open basket design through which fluid can easily flow for accurate measurement.
  • Compatible with most surface systems.
  • Tool calibrated to 20 counts/°C and can be calibrated to 10 counts/°F.
  • Can be run alone or combined with most analog tools.
  • Electronic design verified for 1 hour operation at 415°F to ensure reliability.
  • Easy to service and maintain.


Tool Operating Voltage 90-150 VDC Tool Length (make-up) 41.82 cm (16.47 in)
Tool Operating Current 10-20 mA Tool Length (shipping) 43.41 cm (17.09 in)
Output Pulses Amplitude Positive 7.5 VDC Tool Weight 7.2 Kg (16.0 Lb)
Output Pulses Width 25 µS Measurement Point from Top of Tool 39.05 cm (15.38 in)
Max. Pressure 172.4 Mpa (25 000 PSI) Borehole Fluids
Max. Temperature 210°C (410°F) Top End Connector Contact Socket Go Female
Tool Diameter – OD 69.85 mm(2-3/4 in) Bottom End Connector Contact Pin Go Male



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